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curcumin, supplements, high quality supplements

How to Identify Quality Curcumin Supplements

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Not all curcumin is created equal. Knowing how to identify high quality curcumin supplements is key to... Read More

Best Supplements for Maintaining Memory*

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Misplaced keys. A forgotten name. Getting lost near home. These are examples of what may happen to a person... Read More
diet, supplements, practitioners

How to Compare Dietary Supplement Providers

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Dietary supplements represent an excellent opportunity for you to grow your practice and help your patients... Read More

What Supplements Should You Take for Poor Sleep?

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

It’s well understood that sleep is just as critical to your health as food, water and air. Sleep deficiency... Read More
glucose, diabetes, functional medicine, doctor

Why You May Need Help With Glucose Control (and Not Know It)

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Functional medicine practitioners know that issues related to glucose control are a sliding scale and often... Read More
back to school, anxiety, children, kids

How to Help Kids with Back to School Anxiety

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Every parent knows that going back to school is difficult for children of all ages. It’s a transitional... Read More
folic acid, pregnancy, prenatal, vitamin b

How to Avoid a Folic Acid Deficiency During Pregnancy

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

The earliest stage of pregnancy, occurring before many women know they’re pregnant, is one of the most... Read More
Pregnant Mother, pregnancy, multivitamin

What Nutrients Should You Look for in a Prenatal Multivitamin?

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy diet. However, proper nutrition is difficult to achieve through... Read More
functional medicine, doctor, health care, naturopath

What Patients Want in a Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Naturopathic physicians and functional medicine practitioners are seeing an increase in first-time patients... Read More
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