Are Private Label Supplements More Than Just a Trend?

Apr 15, 2022

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Aryel Wilbur

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There’s no doubt that private label supplements have gained enormous popularity in recent years, and for good reason.

But this popularity is not a trend. The growing interest in private label supplements is rooted in a myriad of impressive benefits for retailers, healthcare practitioners, and clients alike.

Whether you are a licensed healthcare provider or business entrepreneur, private label supplements are one bandwagon you might want to jump on, as they’re truly a win-win for everyone.

why have private label supplements become so popular?

Private label has become increasingly attractive for several reasons, and not only when it comes to supplements. For example, more grocery storessuch as Whole Foods' 365 brand sell their private label branded products, allowing them to sell the same product at a lower price, spending zero marketing dollars on promoting it.

Supplements work the same way. As a retailer or healthcare practitioner, you reap the massive benefit of selling high-quality supplements from a reputable company with your brand. Your customers get the results they want and your business benefits from customer loyalty, brand recognition, and increased revenue.

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10 reasons private label supplements are more than just a trend

While private label supplements might seem like just another health trend, they are so much more.

tailor products to your client's needs

If you are a doctor or licensed provider, you know your patients' health care needs better than anyone else. Private label supplements allow you to home in on the formulas your patients need to feel better, whether to manage a hormonal balance, promote GI support, or address another concern. Begin with two or three supplement formulas you know will fit into your patients’ individualized treatment plans and work your way up from there.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar or eCommerce retailer, you’ll want to carefully research the market you’re selling to and your competition. What type of customer are you targeting, and which products are they looking for? Once you understand your customer avatar, you can handpick the supplements that make the most sense for your brand.

sell professional-grade supplements that get results

Unfortunately, the supplement world is full of low-quality products that don’t help consumers get results, including some that can even be counterproductive to health. By choosing a professional supplier, you can make sure to offer unique blends of active ingredients designed to effectively target specific metabolic systems. You can feel good about recommending and selling products. Even though your patients might not be privy to the significant variations in supplement quality, you’ll want to feel confident ensuring potency, safety, and efficacy.

create brand awareness

Your patients already trust you as their provider and offering a branded supplement will take that trust to the next level. As your patients begin using your private label products, they are likely to recommend them to others, naturally creating brand awareness without you having to invest precious marketing dollars in reaching a wider audience.

enjoy passive income from refills

Many practitioners and retailers report significant passive income from refills over time. As a practitioner, patients that no longer need your services will often continue ordering supplements for years and recommending them to others.

grow revenue opportunities

Many people find it hard to believe, but private label supplements can create a massive revenue stream. Business owners selling in stores or on E-commerce platforms might understand this from the get-go, but many doctors or other healthcare professionals aren’t natural businesspeople. Business-savvy or not, you want to build and sustain a successful and profitable business, and private label supplements can play a huge role in achieving that goal.

Established practitioners and vendors who have been successful with private label supplements report making over six figures per year in supplements alone.

decrease competition

You automatically avoid competing with others who sell the same supplements by starting your private label supplement brand. Even by offering professional-grade supplements, many patients and clients will seek a deal elsewhere, either on the same brand or others with a similar formula. This scenario becomes problematic because the customer might end up with a lower-quality supplement and you lose out on the sale. Selling your brand gives your products exclusivity, and your patients are far less likely to look elsewhere.

boost patient compliance and loyalty

Buying supplements directly from a provider significantly boosts patient compliance and loyalty. They trust you and your products and understand that you’ve recommended a custom formula that perfectly suits their health concerns. Studies show that younger patients are less likely to comply with taking their recommended supplements, so private labels might be especially beneficial to this population.[1]

increase your patient base

Trust in a competent practitioner is the cornerstone of a successful practice. Offering your patients the opportunity to purchase high-quality supplements directly from their provider deepens their relationship with you and generates more referrals and a growing patient base.

reduce risk with low order minimums

Private label supplements allow you to test the waters and begin with two or three products that are most likely to sell, making them low-risk. At DaVinci, our order minimum is just 36 bottles, which providers and vendors find quick and easy to turn around. If you’re on the fence, it’s wise to start with a small handful of products that target your customer’s most common issues, and helps you easily manage inventory.

get started quickly

Getting your private label supplement line up and running is also quick and easy, usually taking four weeks from label design to time of shipment. Make sure to do all due diligence before launching your products. The entire process will be relatively fast and painless once you’re ready. 

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Private label supplements are far more than a trend and can lead your business to success. Your customers benefit in big ways from high-quality supplements and increased compliance, and you’ll rest easy knowing you can trust the products you’re recommending and enjoying increased revenue. Working with a professional and experienced private label supplier ensures the process goes smoothly and guarantees guidance every step of the way.

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