How to Market Private Label Supplements

Aug 29, 2022

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Melinda Elmadjian

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When it comes to marketing private label supplements, your motto should be less is more.

Whether you’ve made the exciting decision to launch your private label brand or are still thinking about making this change, you’ll need to consider marketing. Taking the right steps to create a unique and successful brand-–including marketing that brand—can set your business up for a lucrative future.

Due to ever-changing regulations and competition in the online supplement marketplace, it’s best to work with a professional private label supplement provider who can walk you through the marketing process. For example, a crowded and overwhelming label can deter potential customers from buying your product—guidance from a professional private label supplement provider can help you avoid mistakes like that from the get-go.

Make sure your brand is tailored to your target audience and that you’ve done enough market research to know what your buyers want.

How to Develop Your Brand

The online supplement market is becoming increasingly saturated, and developing your PL brand often determines a successful private label product. Suppose you are selling on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms. In that case, it’s essential to curate a brand that prevents your products from getting lost in the world of online supplements or collecting dust on the shelves of your local health food store.

Concepts to consider include brand, branding, and brand identity. Brand is how you want the world to perceive your company. Branding refers to how you build your brand and make it come alive. Brand identity speaks to specific aspects of brand and branding, such as your logo, labels, website, and other marketing tools you use to connect with your customers.

Private label manufacturers should support certain branding aspects, such as logo design, artwork, and colors, and ensure labels meet FDA and FTC regulations.

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How to Market Your Private Label Supplements

Here are a few important steps you can take toward  presenting your branded supplements to the world and expanding your private label supplement business.

Define your ideal customer

This step is more straightforward if you are a practitioner, as you already know your patients and understand their needs. If you work with clients who come to you for GI concerns or hormonal imbalances, you know that products addressing those issues are likely to succeed.

In the online world, you’ll need to do substantial research and identify exactly which demographic you’re targeting, create a customer avatar, and begin your branding process.

Set an appropriate price tag

Similarly, you’ll need to research pricing on comparable products. Don’t set your price too high or too low—this can be both off-putting to customers and flag your products for further review. Consumers increasingly understand that supplements with much lower price tags than others are of lower quality—you get what you pay for.

Create eye-catching labels

A supplement label can make or break its success. Just remember: less is more. Some of the most successful supplement labels are the simplest. 

While you want your label to be eye-catching and unique, keeping the text short, sweet, and plain is important. Avoid using every inch of label space for content—this will prolong the label creation process and overwhelm consumers. Overcrowded labels might also get flagged by Amazon or other eCommerce platforms for further testing.

Make sure your labels meet all FDA and FTC requirements

Be sure to choose a private label provider who guarantees labels that meet the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. Along with language you can use on a label, these agencies also outline regulations about font size, spacing, and wording. Your marketing plan must take all these factors into account.

Create a marketing plan

Some private label manufacturers will help with certain aspects of marketing, but there’s still a lot left for you to do, especially when selling online. If you’re not an experienced marketer, consider hiring a professional to help you set up social media accounts, a professional website, and other media to reach your customers.

At DaVinci Laboratories, we pride ourselves on offering initial support for label design and four complementary rounds of editing. We provide sell sheets on each product and proof all marketing materials for FDA and FTC compliance before any labels or materials are printed. This process saves many of our clients significant money on graphic design work, which can be costly.

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Launching a private label supplement business can feel overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. Working with a trusted manufacturer who supports each step of the process and guides your marketing efforts can make the process much easier on you. With high-quality products and smart marketing, private label supplements offer unparalleled potential to grow your business.


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