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What is Chelated Magnesium?

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Magnesium is a mineral used in hundreds of biochemical processes and is critical for the human body to... Read More

Is Broccoli Sprout Extract the New Turmeric?

Alyssa Humphrey, Director, R&D

Among the many plant-derived supplements available, turmeric has led the charge for years. However, broccoli... Read More
should you take vitamin k with fish oil

Should You Take Vitamin K and Fish Oil?

Dr. Matt Hand

    A lesser-known micronutrient, vitamin K hasn’t received the same mainstream attention as other vitamins... Read More

Is Liposomal Vitamin D Better Than Tablets

Dr. Matt Hand

    Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is critical in many bodily functions and systems.... Read More

How to SETUP Optimal Immune Health

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

  What are the fundamental steps to building a stronger immune system? Read More

Zinc: The Hidden Gem in a Child’s Nutrition

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

   By Dr. Adam Killpartrick Every living thing on this planet depends on minerals for proper bodily function... Read More

Why Kids Need Magnesium

Paula Redondo

By Paula Redondo, Registered Dietitian Magnesium is an essential cofactor for over 300 metabolic reactions in... Read More

Liposomal Technology: What it Is and How it Affects Supplements

Dom Orlandi, President of DaVinci

Since medical researchers first developed liposomal technology, scientists have been exploring unique... Read More

Are Liquid Vitamins Better Than Pills?

Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC, DABCI

Deciding whether to deliver a vitamin to the body in pill form or liquid form often depends on biochemistry... Read More
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