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Jun 04, 2024

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Melinda Elmadjian

Are you an entrepreneur or a healthcare provider looking to break into the supplement market? Or maybe you already have a supplement business you want to grow?

Private label supplements allow you to launch or grow your brand without the headaches of extensive research, high costs, and complex production processes. They offer a streamlined pathway to enter and compete in this lucrative market quickly and with minimal risk and investment. 

This article discusses the ins and outs of private label supplements and custom formulations, which build your brand while leveraging the expertise and resources of seasoned supplement manufacturing professionals.

Private labeling: the easy way to create your own supplement brand

Private labeling is the most cost-effective approach to creating your supplement brand with minimal risk. This route allows you to partner with a reputable manufacturer that already offers high-quality formulas or single-nutrient products. You choose the supplements that best fit your customers' needs and sell them with your own branding. The primary benefit of private-label supplements is that you can quickly get your products to market, as they are already researched, developed, and quality-tested. Your supplement line is ready once you've chosen your ready-made products and packaged them with your branding.

Another significant advantage is the minimal investment required, especially when you partner with a manufacturer that offers low minimum order requirements (recommended if you're new to the supplement industry). This way, you don't need to invest in product development since you are choosing from a range of pre-developed products that meet your needs.

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how to make your own brand using private labeling

Creating your own supplement brand through private labeling is a fairly straightforward process. While this can slightly differ depending on which manufacturer you work with, here's a general step-by-step overview:

select a reputable supplier

Do your due diligence by researching and choosing a private label supplier that matches your brand's needs and target customer. If you're a new brand or want to test new products, select a supplier that offers low minimum order quantities, which allows you to test the waters before making a bigger investment in a supplement that might not sell as you'd hoped. It's always essential to partner with a manufacturer whose products have the appropriate testing and certifications. DaVinci Laboratories offers doctor-formulated supplements using ingredients that have been scientifically reviewed for efficacy and quality before they go into production. We proudly manufacture our supplements in SQF, GMP, and NSF-certified facilities.

choose your products

Once you've selected a supplier, review their product catalog and choose the supplements that align with your brand and market demand. For example, if your brand attracts women looking for hormone support, be sure your supplement manufacturer offers formulations targeting hormonal balance and healthy aging.

design your labels

Ideally, work with a private label supplier that offers in-house graphic design, which will save you money throughout the process. These designers can assist with creating appealing labels that reflect your brand identity and comply with regulatory requirements.

place your order

After finalizing your product selection and label designs, place your order with the supplier. Most suppliers have minimum order quantities (MOQs) that you'll need to meet. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of this process, check out our definitive guide to private label supplements.

comparing approaches: private labeling vs. creating your own unique formula

There is (understandably) some confusion between private label vs. custom formulations when launching your supplement brand. It's not necessarily an either-or, but there are several critical differences in terms of time, cost, and expertise required.

private labeling

Private label supplements are significantly faster to market since you're using pre-developed formulations. Your initial investment is also less, as you don't need to pay for research and development of an entirely new product. Private labeling also lends itself to high scalability and lower minimum order requirements, making it easy to adjust order sizes based on demand.

creating your own unique formula

Custom formulations require more time due to their need for research, development, and testing. This venture also requires a higher initial investment for development and manufacturing processes. Minimum order requirements tend to be higher, so scaling your business can be challenging compared to doing so with private label supplements. Custom formulations can be an excellent choice for already-established brands with a loyal customer base.

ensuring product quality through private label supplements

Selling high-quality and professional-grade supplements is the key to creating a win-win situation for your brand and customers. Buyers are happy with the results they get from your products, and you build a solid customer foundation and reputable brand. Choosing a private label supplier known for their commitment to quality and truth in labeling with transparent ingredient sourcing is vital, and the primary way to do this is by choosing a brand with a solid reputation, plenty of experience, and the certifications mentioned above. 

Verifying ingredient integrity with regular audits of your supplement supplier is a must. Always request detailed ingredient sourcing information. Third-party testing also helps you rest assured that the purity and potency of supplement ingredients live up to the company's claims.

maximize profitability by offering an exclusive product to customers

Offering exclusive private label products can significantly enhance your brand's profitability. Your unique branding sets the stage for a strong brand identity that makes you stand apart from the many competitors in the supplement market and helps you justify premium pricing. Market research will assist you in understanding the perceived value of your supplements and aligning pricing accordingly.

As with any product, a comprehensive marketing strategy is necessary for attracting and retaining customers. Use digital marketing and social media to highlight the unique benefits of your formulations. The online supplement market is by far the most competitive but can also be the most lucrative. If you're planning to sell on eCommerce platforms, researching current trends and the best-selling supplements of the year is paramount. Success in the online marketplace sets you up for low overhead, high profits, and the ability to sell to buyers worldwide.

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faqs about making your own supplement brand: what you need to know

Question: What are the minimum order quantities (MOQs) for private label supplements?

Answer: All private label suppliers differ in terms of their MOQs. DaVinci Labs requires a minimum order of 36 bottles per product. which can be helpful for new brands who want to get their feet wet without a bigger commitment.

For eCommerce private label clients, the minimum order is 144 units. This quantity helps ensure you have enough inventory to avoid the risk of backorders within the first month or two, which can be detrimental to a new private label business. On the other hand, if sales are slower than expected, 144 units are manageable to sell before they expire, with inventory typically lasting about 18 months. Most new eCommerce retailers start with this 144-unit minimum to test the market before committing to larger orders.

Question: How do I ensure regulatory compliance for my private label supplements?

Answer: Work with a knowledgeable supplier to guide you through the regulatory requirements. Choosing a professional and experienced private label manufacturer ensures that your labels comply with regulations and that your products meet safety and quality standards.

Question: How do I select the right supplier for my private label supplements?

Answer: Look for suppliers with a proven quality and transparency track record. Request samples, check third-party testing results, and read reviews from other clients to make an informed decision.

take away: success in private label supplements

Private labeling offers a straightforward, scalable, and profitable way for business owners and health practitioners alike to enter the supplement market. 

By working with a reputable supplier, you can create a unique product line that reflects your brand's identity without the time and financial investment required for custom formulations. If you're ready to launch your brand or just interested in learning more, set up a call with a DaVinci team member to discuss the next steps.


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