Tips for Buying Wholesale Private Label Supplements

May 25, 2021

Written By:
Aryel Wilbur


With due diligence and strategy, buying wholesale private label supplements can launch your business to the next level. Whether you are a healthcare provider selling directly to your patients, a brick-and-mortar retailer, or an e-commerce vendor, wholesale private label products are a win-win for everyone.

When you decide to create your own private label supplement line, the first step is finding a trusted and high-quality manufacturer. You automatically receive a 50% wholesale discount, no matter the number of products or units purchased of each product—and this discount can increase over time.

Wholesale private label supplements can present new opportunities to professionals looking to grow their business, and they’re surprisingly straightforward and affordable.

What are wholesale private label supplements, exactly?

Private label supplements offer an impressive list of benefits, first and foremost that as a healthcare provider or e-commerce vendor, they are an opportunity to ensure your patients or buyers receive supplements from a brand (you) that they trust. Once you choose a high-quality private label supplier, you will purchase the products that fit your business with your own label, at wholesale prices. 

It’s a good idea to start small and work your way up to be sure you don’t end up sitting on inventory, but as you begin to see an influx of business on e-commerce platforms or in your practice, you’ll know it’s time to pull the trigger and start purchasing more wholesale private supplements at a time.

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are wholesale private label supplements right for you?

It’s good to dream big, but it’s also important to understand the intricacies of your market before becoming a reseller of products. 

If you are a doctor or other healthcare professional, this is relatively simple, since you already know the needs of your patients. E-commerce platforms are much trickier and quite competitive, so it’s essential to understand your clientele, the products they want, and the price range they desire. For example, it’s usually not enough to simply envision selling a weight loss supplement, as this encompasses a huge range of products. What type of weight loss supplement is your perfect buyer looking for, and what will make yours stand out?

Regardless of where you want to sell your private label supplements, you can do it. But in order to buy and resell wholesale private label supplements successfully, you need to thoroughly understand the market you’re selling to. 

tips for buying wholesale private label supplements

After you evaluate your market, here are four tips for successfully buying wholesale private label supplements:

Choose a Trusted Supplier

A high-quality wholesale private label manufacturer should always have excellent quality standards, offer products that truly fit your clientele, align with your core values, and provide excellent service to help you grow your business.

When considering a supplier, be sure to ask for statistics like inventory turnover for current clients (4-6 weeks is optimal). It’s also crucial that you have open and honest communication about which products are likely to be successful, and whether or not they feel your practice is truly ready for wholesale private labeling.

Establish Your Brand

Your brand is key for successfully launching your private label supplements, and it’s especially vital for e-commerce retailers. If you already have a logo for your business, you can work with your supplier’s design team to incorporate it into a professional and attractive product label. If you don’t, the team can help to create one that reflects your brand and vision.

Along with a beautiful logo for brand recognition, your labels will need to meet all requirements, such as the FDA’s ingredient and nutrition information, ingredient disclosure, and more.

Choose Your Products Wisely

You know the importance of evaluating your market, so now you have the necessary information to tailor your products to meet your business goals and your buyer’s needs. Are your patients or customers most concerned about weight loss, hormonal balance, digestive support, energy levels, or something else? What do they value in a formulation, and what delivery method do they prefer? Keep in mind that e-commerce vendors have different challenges than providers selling directly to their patient base, especially when trying to sell supplements on Amazon

For example, if a doctor recommends a joint health supplement and hands you a product, you already have established trust and rapport, so the choice is easy. On the contrary, if you do an Amazon search in the supplement category for joint health, you’ll be met with hundreds of options. As a seller of wholesale private label supplements, you need to make your products stand out with a high-quality logo, potent formulas that get results (and reviews), and an attention-grabbing label.

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Start Small

Many professionals venturing into private label supplements want to start big, with ten to fifteen products. In some cases, this might be appropriate, but it’s usually better to start with closer to five. That way you test the waters, work out the kinks and ensure you’re not sitting on inventory you can’t resell. 


Your priority with buying wholesale private label supplements is to offer your clients the highest quality of products available, and increase profits at the same time. By having an established brand, choosing the perfect formulations for your buyers, finding a high-quality supplier, and starting small, you can take your business to an entirely new level.

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