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probiotics and fertility

How Do Probiotics Help Fertility

Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC, DABCI

  Understanding how the benefits of probiotics extend beyond the gut and help with fertility is a big leap... Read More

Probiotics for Vaginal and Urogenital Tract Health*

Alyssa Humphrey, Director, R&D

    If there are a couple of defining factors in the difference between a woman's probiotic needs and a... Read More

How Probiotics Impact Women’s Health

Alyssa Humphrey, Director, R&D

    If a woman's intuition is a 'gut' instinct, then we should do everything in our power to ensure a healthy... Read More

What Is Methylation? Our Most Important Pathway Simplified

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Methylation plays a role in many processes within our body, and errors in methylation are linked to several... Read More

How to Form Healthy Eating Habits and Change Unhealthy Ones

Sarah Bangs

  The key to letting go of unhealthy habits lies in understanding the psychological triggers that keep us... Read More

Progesterone's Impact on Egg Health and Fertility

Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC, DABCI

Fertility rates, as well as U.S. birth rates, are at an all-time low.1 While many women may feel a sense of... Read More

Fertility Diet for Optimal Egg Health

Dr. Stephanie O'Neill

  By Stephanie O'Neill Bhogal DC, DICCP In the U.S., fertility rates have hit an all-time low for the 4th... Read More
testosterone, blood sugar, insulin, high blood pressure

The Link Between Testosterone and Blood Sugar/Insulin Sensitivity

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

What do central obesity, high blood pressure, and low testosterone have in common? These are all... Read More
women, hormonal imbalance, hormones, health

How Women Can Manage a Hormonal Imbalance

Dr. Fred Pescatore

Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. Long understood as the catalyst of acne, fatigue, and... Read More
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