How Private Label Beauty Supplements Can Increase Revenue Fast

May 30, 2023

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Brandiann M. Kanya

private label beauty supplements

Are you ready to accelerate your revenue growth in the beauty industry? Explore the game-changing realm of private label supplements and unlock the secret to rapid financial success.

The global health and beauty supplement industry is projected to increase by 5% yearly. If you sell private label supplements, you could get a piece of that 54 billion dollar pie.[1] 

Heavily influenced by social media and rapidly changing beauty tips, women are demanding innovative products designed to support normal premature aging and restore a healthy, youthful appearance.*

Savvy entrepreneurs can take advantage of this opportunity to offer unique formulations of tried and true beauty supplements. Private label beauty supplements can be a great way to start or expand your business, create loyal customers, and increase your bottom line.

What are Private Label Supplements?

Private label supplements take the guesswork out of offering your own line of supplements to customers or patients. A good partner will assist you every step of the way, from choosing your custom formulations to designing your labels and navigating the regulations required to launch your products.

Choosing a reputable manufacturer with high-quality ingredients and reliable customer service makes the process easy. Read more about private label supplements to learn how offering your own branded products can strengthen your base and create an abundance of new, loyal customers.

By tapping into the specific needs of your audience, you can develop a unique, exclusive product line that addresses customer needs and wants. Private label beauty supplements can be as simple or as complex as the market demands, helping your business stand out among competitors.


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How Can Your Beauty Business Incorporate Private Label Supplements?

The private label supplement model allows businesses in the beauty industry to offer specialized supplements without having to invest in their own manufacturing facilities, research and development, and regulatory compliance. With a trusted manufacturing partner doing much of the legwork, you can focus on getting the best supplements into the hands of your customers quickly and easily.

While any industrious entrepreneur can offer private label supplements, certain businesses in the beauty industry are a particularly great fit. Here are five beauty businesses that should be offering private label supplements:

  • Salons & spas. With the physical storefront already up and full of customers, estheticians and hair stylists are ready to start offering beauty supplements now. Collagen, biotin, and vitamin C supplements are a natural match for clients who are interested in improving their hair, skin, and nails.*
  • Skincare companies. Businesses focused on improving the health and appearance of skin can take it deeper by offering products that improve beauty from the inside out. Offering branded collagen and vitamin C products bridges the gap from beauty to true wellness, which is what modern consumers want.
  • Cosmetic companies. Your loyal following is coming to you for topical beauty products, and many are interested in supplements that can boost skin elasticity and clear complexion.* For example, you could offer them high-quality, bioavailable biotin and hyaluronic acid supplements.
  • Medispas. These trending hybrid businesses advanced the concept of integrating medical procedures and beauty treatments into a convenient, one-stop shop for services like liposuction, laser treatments, and injectable fillers. Medispas are well suited to offer branded, private label supplements like Mango-Plex or DIMPro for help with weight management, appetite control, and hormone balance.*
  • Barbershops. At 9% annually, the men’s grooming and beauty industry is growing at nearly twice the rate of women’s. Businesses tailored to male beauty, grooming, and wellness should offer branded masculine supplements for their customers’ unique needs. Many men would be interested in a natural formulation that supports hair growth and follicle health.*

The modern consumer is becoming more aware of the connection between inner health and outer beauty. By connecting the health and wellness industry with the beauty industry, customers can get what they think they want and want they really need, all in one purchase.

Beauty businesses are clearly suited to offer private label supplements because most of them already combine services with products. The esthetician might offer the moisturizers or face masks used in the treatment for purchase by the customer for at-home use.

Where beauty services are offered, you can have customers ready and willing to buy beauty products. Formulate and brand private label supplements exactly as your customers would want them to look and feel, and choose the price point that works for both parties.

From massage therapists to manicurists, entrepreneurs in the beauty products and services industry can expand their client base and enjoy an additional revenue stream by offering private label supplements suited to their market.


Benefits of Selling Private Label Supplements in the Beauty Industry

As a successful beauty business, your clients trust and value your opinions and recommendations. You can expand upon that expertise by offering private label supplements targeted to their most pressing beauty needs.

The benefits of selling private label supplements go far beyond simply increasing your bottom line. Here are the top five reasons beauty businesses should offer private label supplements:

  1. Increase revenue. Admittedly, this is a big one! No matter how new or established, successful or floundering a business is, there’s always a desire to increase the bottom line. Private label supplements can be a nearly passive income stream in your overall revenue.
  2. Brand recognition. Get your name out there, beyond the physical walls of your business. When customers leave the shop with your branded supplements in hand, they become walking advertisements for your product line. This creates customer loyalty and the ability to tap into additional sales by cross-selling and up-selling additional products in the future.
  3. Competitive edge. The beauty shop down the street might also offer haircuts and facials, but do they sell their own branded line of supplements for hair, skin, and nails?* Adding private label supplements to your business makes you stand out as the go-to spot for beauty and wellness.
  4. Diversify offerings. Maybe your business started as a massage place. Then you added aromatherapy and a salt cave. Offering private label supplements is another way to expand the products and services you offer, allowing you to reach more potential clients and customers.
  5. Health & wellness focused. Today’s consumer is getting smarter, understanding the connections between inner health and outer beauty. Give them the supplements they need to improve their outer appearance and restore a youthful glow.* If your business integrates vitamins, minerals, and other supplements with beauty services and treatments, you’ve moved into the wellness industry, expanding your customer base.

By partnering with a trusted manufacturing supplier, you can stick to what you know—the beauty products your clients need and want—while they handle the nitty-gritty development and regulatory details.





The beauty sector is booming, and not just from women’s purchases. With a projected yearly growth of 5-10% in the already 54 billion-dollar industry, your beauty business should be selling private label supplements.

Private label beauty supplements, from collagen to green tea, are widely appealing to the modern consumer. In the quest to integrate health and wellness while boosting physical appearance, customers are likely to purchase branded supplements from their favorite beauty businesses.

From the business perspective, partnering with a reputable manufacturer to offer private label supplements is an innovative and low-risk way to diversify product offerings, expand the loyal customer base, and increase profits.

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