Private Labeling Liquid Vitamins

Sep 17, 2021

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Aryel Wilbur

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Did you know that an increasing number of practitioners and supplement vendors are embracing the benefits of private labeling and liquid vitamins? Not only are these both excellent options for building your practice—combining the two can fast-track both your patient’s success and your business revenue. 

Liquid vitamins are rapidly growing in popularity, as they are more bioavailable than alternative forms and have distinct benefits for children, the elderly, and anyone with digestive issues. As a business owner, private labeling liquid vitamins can become a lucrative niche, and can offer your patients and clients high-quality supplements they aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

benefits of private labeling

If you’re not yet familiar with private labeling, check out our definitive guide here. In short, private labeling supplements means putting your own brand on existing, high-quality nutritional supplement formulas with legal permission from their provider. 

Private label supplements allow you to grow your business with far less liability risk, more marketing support, and an easy way to customize your patient’s protocols and ensure they are getting products with well-sourced ingredients and a trusted brand (yours). 

This approach will enable you to significantly increase patient loyalty and trust, boost your profits, and grow your business. 

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where do liquid vitamins fit into your inventory?

Whether you are a practitioner, brick and mortar business owner, or eCommerce vendor, liquid vitamins offer several unique benefits over pills, tablets, and capsules.

ideal for kids

If your practice serves children or parents seeking vitamins for their kids, liquid supplements are especially ideal. Many children have trouble swallowing pills, so liquid can be easier for them to ingest. Plus, dosage can be more carefully controlled. 

DaVinci offers children’s liquid vitamins that are sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, and other safe sweeteners. Compared to gummy vitamins, liquids are far more bioavailable and lower in sugar and additives. 

easily digested

Liquid vitamins and supplements are widely known to be more bioavailable, since they don’t need to be actively broken down. This makes them ideal for anyone with digestive problems, as they are easily absorbed and come into contact with stomach acid more freely. 

Tablets and pills must come with stabilizers, fillers, and bonding agents to give them structure and stability. For some, this isn’t a problem, but people with digestive issues often experience far less bioavailability than they would with liquids. 

can be administered in higher doses

Liquid vitamins can much more easily be administered in higher doses, without having to take a huge number of pills or tablets per day. Liquids achieve the same dosing with more efficiency and comfort, meaning patients are more likely to comply with their protocol and see results.

easy to swallow

Along with children, people who have trouble swallowing pills might prefer liquid vitamins. This might include people with medical conditions that make it difficult to swallow, or simply anyone who dislikes swallowing pills. 

considerations for private labeling liquid vitamins

By private labeling liquid vitamins, you are entering a unique and lucrative niche. Many companies haven’t jumped on the liquid supplement bandwagon yet, so this allows you to stand out among the crowd. Being that liquid supplements are increasing quickly in popularity for their outstanding benefits, private labeling your own supplements positions you as a trend-setter and expert in the field.

Most liquids come in glass or plastic amber bottles. Much like other private label supplements, their labeling comes with expert guidance on brand logo design from start to finish. While this isn’t the case with many other private label suppliers, DaVinci has a wide variety of liquid vitamins and supplements to choose from, so you could easily start a new line of private label liquid supplements along with any other products you might already have.

Since they are made in batches, liquid vitamins tend to have a slightly longer production phase and lead time, so it’s good to take this into account when planning your inventory and ordering. Low order minimums of just 36 units are the same as with any other private label product, so you can test the waters by starting small and working your way up with little risk.

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Private labeling liquid vitamins is a niche that is still small, with great potential for growth. As a practitioner, private labeling liquids is especially smart for children, anyone with digestive problems, and people who either can’t or prefer not to swallow pills, tablets, or capsules.

DaVinci offers a huge variety of liquid vitamins to choose from, and we’ll work hand in hand to help you start your private label supplement business, and ensure its success.

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