Tips for Selling Private Label Supplements on Amazon

Apr 01, 2021

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Aryel Wilbur

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Are you wondering how to launch your business to the next level? Marketing your private label supplements on an eCommerce platform like Amazon can be incredibly lucrative and could be the next step for you to boost your business.

Whether you already have a patient base purchasing your products or are brand new to the world of private label supplements, understanding the intricacies of how to sell your products on Amazon is an important part of thriving in today’s market.

Starting with a professional seller account, you’ll need to learn Amazon’s rules and regulations for selling vitamins and supplements, choose (if you haven’t already) a professional private label supplement provider who offers compliant labeling that helps you meet regulatory requirements, and narrow in on your niche market(s) to maximize sales.

Why Sell Supplements on Amazon?

People are becoming more health-conscious, and this past year has brought even more customers to eCommerce platforms like Amazon. With a growing interest in overall wellbeing and prevention, consumers are seeking out supplements online like never before. As a seller, many lucrative opportunities are awaiting you if you can successfully market your private label supplements on Amazon.

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E-Commerce versus Retail and Private Practice Sales

There are thousands of supplements sold on Amazon, which means you need to think about how to set your private label products apart from others—this matters even more than when you sell in a retail space or directly to your patients. However, all of these spaces overlap, as you must always align your labels and marketing with your brand tone and understand the particular needs of your buyers.

On Amazon, you also have more possibilities to market your supplements in specific ways to more populations. For example, you might create two labels for the same Zinc Lozenge + Elderberry blend: one that highlights immune support and another for respiratory health.* This approach allows you to reach and specifically target the needs of more eCommerce buyers.

Rules and Regulations for Supplement Sales

Along with curating your products for an eCommerce market, you will also need to create a compliance checklist of requirements to sell supplements on Amazon. Amazon and other major eCommerce platforms strictly enforce federal, state, and local laws pertaining to all dietary supplements that include vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other substances.

For the complete Amazon compliance checklist, visit their site directly.

Choose and Strategically Market Your Products

If you are a practitioner, your patients already trust you and the products you recommend. When selling on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms, you must do more research to understand the needs of your ideal customer, and creatively market your products based on your findings.

For example, a doctor might say you need a bone health product and hand you exactly the product they recommend. On Amazon, you might do a general search in the supplement category for bone health products, and come up with hundreds of results.

As a seller, what makes your private label supplements stand out from the huge selection? It is critical to creating a high-quality logo, which your private label supplement provider should provide or help you make your own. Your private label professional-grade supplements truly will provide better results, so the key is figuring out how to communicate that on your label, imaging, and product descriptions.

When choosing a professional private label brand with beneficial ingredients and potent formulas, you already have customer education at the forefront of your brand and business. Take this education focus to Amazon by providing all information on your products and answering common questions on the product detail pages.

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Always Have Your Brand in Mind

While your packaging and label language will always need to adhere to regulations, it is important to create and market Amazon supplements that always reflect your specific brand. Be sure your branding stays consistent across every product in your Amazon catalog, as this will build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty with customers over time. This is important in retail spaces and private practice as well, but even more important on Amazon, where your buyers are constantly bombarded with a myriad of other product options.

Once you have chosen your private label supplement provider, created your branded professional-grade supplements, and launched your products on Amazon, make sure you have marketing know-how or a team in place to drive traffic to your Amazon site.

At the end of the day, your top priority is selling high-quality products that offer transparent and thorough product information and help your customers see results. This in and of itself will keep buyers coming back.

Selling private label supplements on Amazon does require some specific know-how, such as understanding exact rules and regulations, knowing your ideal customer and marketing your products to their specific needs, and paying close attention to branding. Many private label supplement sellers find that if they can navigate the eCommerce seller’s process, their business reaps massive benefits.

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