Top Selling Private Label Supplements for 2021

Feb 03, 2021

Written By:
Aryel Wilbur


For obvious reasons, immune support products have been major sellers throughout 2020—a trend that seems likely to continue for both private practice private label supplements and e-commerce. 

Products that promote cognitive, cardio, adrenal, and gut support have historically done well in these fields. However, if your private label supplements are sold in private practice, you may have a specific population-driven focus, such as weight loss or hormonal health. 

More than ever, people are taking to heart one of the main principles of integrative medicine: prevention. 2021 has undoubtedly brought unique challenges, but one silver lining has been a clear interest in building immune health. A focus on promoting immune health can help you maximize your business, patient compliance, and overall satisfaction.

Top-Selling Supplements for Practitioners Versus Ecommerce: Is There a Difference?

Generally speaking, immune support products have been pivotal for both private practice and e-commerce sellers

Ecommerce has seen a significant boost in any product that mentions immune health, whether it be vitamin C, zinc, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), or elderberry.* In private practice, doctors are starting to consider immune support as one piece of a larger puzzle, intricately connected to gut health, sleep, adrenal, and stress support. 


As always, working one-on-one with a functional doctor results in a more holistic and individualized supplement plan, with immune support and prevention becoming an even greater focus.

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Top-Selling Private Label Supplements in Private Practice

Practitioners using private label supplements in private practice also focus on stress management, diet and lifestyle, and downstream and upstream links to immune health. In 2020, we saw healthcare practitioners private label the following supplements the most:

Vitamins ADK
These three foundational fat-soluble vitamins support bone health, cardiovascular function, immune challenges, and more.* Their actions work together to form a powerful synergy for overall immune support.*

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Known for their ability to help support a normal inflammatory response.* Inadequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids could impact overall immune health.*1

Liposomal Melatonin Spray
Sleep is a foundation of health and immune function, and many people respond well to a liposomal delivery system of melatonin.*

DHEA Liquid
DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA) is the most abundant hormone in the blood, and is often referred to as a mother hormone as it impacts all organ systems in the body.*

Vitamin D3 Liquid
Vitamin D3 in liquid form is used by most functional medicine doctors to support immune health, bone maintenance, and cardiovascular health.* Testing levels is relatively easy and affordable, and by using D3 in your practice, you can ensure that patients are taking the appropriate dosage, which is often miscalculated when people buy this supplement on their own.2

Liposomal C
Vitamin C in a liposomal form is another key nutrient that is extremely popular for immune health support with optimal efficiency.*

Zinc with Elderberry
Long known for its central role in immune health, zinc with elderberry (another immune and respiratory-supporting herb) has become a mainstay in private label products.*

Daily Best Ultra
This is a fantastic, effective, and affordable one-a-day multivitamin. It’s quailty and affordability have made it a hit private label supplement in doctors offices throughout North America.3

Functional medicine understands and educates about the undeniable link between gut health and immune health, so probiotics are often used as part of an immune support protocol and remain a top-seller.*

GI Benefits Powder
This excellent gut-support powder tends to be a bigger seller in private practice rather than Ecommerce, as it has a higher price tag.* Many patients prefer a liquid or powder versus a capsule or tablet.

Often used in integrative practices that focus on hormonal balance, DIM is great for hormonal balance and weight management in men and women.*

B Vitamins
Often used for cognitive support, B-vitamins are also commonly used for a healthy immune system and energy production.*

The list of private label supplements used in private practice is typically longer than in Ecommerce, as doctors are creating a more comprehensive and personalized plan for their patients. However, there is substantial overlap in the top-selling supplements for 2021.

Top-Selling Private Label Supplements for Ecommerce

Top-selling private label supplements for Ecommerce include those that are immune-suggestive, as well as those that overlap with private practice best-sellers like ADK, zinc, probiotics and vitamin C. The following products are also in high demand: 

Magnesium is important for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.* A combination of three important chelated forms of magnesium for optimal absorption, Tri-Mag has been very successful in Ecommerce sales.

A form of vitamin B3, Niacinamide is a popular Ecommerce private label supplement used primarily for immune and skin health.*

CBD is another trending Ecommerce supplement, and it is growing in popularity.

Ecommerce consumers tend to seek affordability rather than purchasing supplements directly from their practitioner. As an Ecommerce seller, you’ll benefit from emphasizing the highest-quality products for a reasonable price.


Whether you focus on private label supplements within your private practice or as an Ecommerce seller, immune support products will be highly sought after this year. Take the opportunity to grow your business by striving for optimal health all year round.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.