Trending Private Label Supplements for 2023

Jul 04, 2022

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Aryel Wilbur

trending 2022 supplements

Whether you’re a doctor or an entrepreneur selling private label supplements, it’s wise to track what’s trending if you want to increase your revenue.

Private label supplement trends for 2022 have some similarities to last year, but notable shifts in consumer demand have taken place. While immune supplements are still hot items, the craze and panic buying of the past couple years have slowed. Products on the rise include those that support stress, sleep, and gut health.

Learn about this year’s five top-selling private label supplements to decide which might be best for your business.

the number one trend: liquid supplements

Before we get to the five top-selling products, it’s worth noting that the demand for liquid vitamins and supplements has significantly risen across the board.

Liquid supplements are just as they sound: nutraceuticals that come in liquid form and are taken using a dropper, small cup, or shot glass. Nutrients delivered in liquid form are typically liposomal, alcohol, or water-based. Liquids can be an excellent choice if you are targeting parents seeking high-quality children’s supplements, an elderly population with digestive issues, or anyone else who can’t or prefers not to swallow pills.

Certain nutrients are also more bioavailable when taken in liquid form, such as liposomal vitamin C. Unlike pills or capsules, liquid supplements don’t have to be broken down in the digestive tract, so the body’s absorption of liquid supplements is often superior. If you haven’t yet included liquids in your private label business, learn more about the benefits of liquid vitamins. 

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5 top private label supplements for 2023 to increase your revenue

The following five products have been trending throughout 2022 and could significantly boost your private label supplement sales.

collagen bright

The basic ingredients in Collagen Bright™ are collagen, vitamin C, biotin, and hyaluronic acid. In addition to other compounds that increase collagen absorption and support healthy skin, it contains a superior form of collagen, Morikol®.* This marine collagen is an easily absorbed, low molecular weight collagen. It provides more tripeptides than other types of collagen and combines collagen-boosting compounds that increase its efficacy.

liposomal melatonin spray

Sleep is the foundation of health and immune function, and both kids and adults are increasingly struggling with sleep. Liquid melatonin tends to be superior to other forms, especially as a dropper or spray. This method of administration allows for consistent dosing and quick, optimal absorption.

Liquid melatonin is also much easier for children to take when compared with capsules or tablets. Even chewable or gummy forms can’t always ensure how well the melatonin will be digested and absorbed.

liquid vitamin d3

Vitamin D3 is a consistent top seller. Much is known about the benefits of taking it in liquid form to support immune health, bone maintenance, and cardiovascular health.* If you are a practitioner using D3 in your practice, you can ensure that patients take the appropriate dosage, which is often miscalculated when people buy this supplement on their own.[1] From a business perspective, vitamin D3 levels are notoriously low in the northern hemisphere, and this sought-after supplement is likely to remain in high demand.[2]

liposomal c

Your customers want a sustainable, proactive strategy for preventative healthcare, and vitamin C is a crucial component of most plans. It's also an easy nutraceutical to get wrong. Because vitamin C is so unstable, it can be hard to know how much the body receives after it travels through the GI tract.

You might already know that liposomal delivery methods have grown in popularity, and for good reason. Private label liposomal supplements allow your buyers to achieve better outcomes and help you manage inventory by increasing the efficiency of each recommended dosage. In a growing supplement business, efficiency is everything.

prebiotics + probiotics

Research continues to prove the undeniable link between gut health and immune health, so prebiotics and probiotics are often used as part of an immune support protocol and remain a top-seller.[3]*

Probiotics are microorganisms in the gut that play a significant role in digestion, immune health, cognitive health, mood, and more.* Prebiotics are substances in fiber that feed probiotics, and synbiotics are a combination of prebiotics and probiotics. Like vitamin D3, probiotics and other gut and immune-supportive products continue to trend in our fast-paced modern world.*


Dimethylglycine (DMG) is an amino acid made by the body, and it contributes to overall wellness and vitality in several essential ways.* Due to its role in mitochondrial and oxygen support, DMG is much more than a conventional energy booster—it’s commonly used as a supplement for immune and adrenal support, detoxification, athletic performance, and longevity.*

Directly and indirectly, DMG plays a significant role in energy production and maintenance daily.* Stress and tiredness are at an all-time high, leading private label supplement vendors selling out-of-the-box energy-support products (like DMG) to see great success.


First and foremost, understanding your target customers' needs and desires in their supplement purchases will guide your inventory choices. However, it’s also wise to follow trending products that will offer your buyers new and exciting supplements and help you build your business.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.