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16 Ways to Help Your Nervous System

Posted by DaVinci Healthcare Expert on Dec 15, 2014 3:00:56 PM

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If you’ve ever had a compressed or pinched nerve, or dealt with any nerve pain at all, like a funny bone hit, you know just how tough it can be to put on a smile and face the day in the face of nervous system challenges.

Within these 16 natural approaches, you may find just the right one for your body.

1. Drink water
H20 is a must for addressing the underlying causes of nervous system discomfort. Hydration keeps you healthy, period.

2. Ginger
Whether you drink a ginger tonic of sorts, bathe in it or eat it, ginger is an excellent free-radical fighter found in nature.

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3. Acupuncture
Perhaps it is a bit more frightening for some of us than the other paths on this list, but acupuncture is widely praised for its effects on the nervous system.

4. Meditation
Relaxation can help ease discomfort, and meditation promotes relaxation, as well as assists you in learning about your body’s needs.

5. Omega 3 Oils
Get plenty of omegas in your diet through certain oils or meats containing oils. If you’re looking for extra support, try omega supplements.*

6. Yoga
Stretching is known to help ease acute discomfort, and making it part of your daily or weekly routine with yoga can help immensely.

7. Turmeric
Turmeric supports a healthy inflammatory response.*

8. B vitamins
Though not all people with nerve concerns need supplemental support, a deficiency in B vitamins can have positive effects on the nervous system.* See a doctor to determine if supplementation is a good addition to your regimen.

9. Warm baths
Warm water can increase blood flow and help ease your stress. A soak may be a perfect at-home remedy.

10. Avoid alcohol
Avoiding alcoholic beverages is always a good bet when dealing with inflammation – and alcohol use can exacerbate poor health. Just skip it.

11. Capsaicin cream or Arnica
A topical treatment can ease occasional discomfort, but use capsaicin with caution, as some people cannot tolerate its level of burn.

12. Opt for oils
Lavender oil relaxes, while peppermint oil can help by providing similar stimulation to capsaicin.

13. Take a walk
Walking can be a welcome distraction, and it also helps release endorphins and stimulate blood flow, helping your body cope.

14. Rest up
Getting enough rest is important to managing your health, as it can often grow even less tolerable at night and disrupt sleep. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Also try limiting your caffeine intake and sticking to an exercise regimen.

15. Green juicing
Not only will the nutrients in green juice blends (like an apple, spinach, celery, cucumber mix) help promote a healthy inflammatory response, they'll also address detoxification and provide antioxidants.

16. Ice and Heat
Use ice for acute, recent discomfort, and heat after the discomfort has slightly subsided.

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Do you have any at-home solutions we didn't mention? Share them in a comment!

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