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Liposomal Technology: What it Is and How it Affects Supplements

Dom Orlandi, President of DaVinci Laboratories

Since medical researchers first developed liposomal technology, scientists have been exploring unique... Read More

Optimal Joint Health and the Reasons Behind Joint Discomfort

Dr. Alexandra Carson-Engle

  By Dr. Alexandra Carson-Engle Poor joint health is a common problem with causes that vary as wildly as its... Read More

Clinical Research Supporting Using Supplements For Children

Dr. Matt Hand

  By Dr. Matt Hand The traditional food pyramid has long been outdated, but the way most Americans view their... Read More

Does Intermittent Fasting Boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Production?


  Though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the secret to an optimal metabolism may lie in... Read More

Does CoQ10 Affect Egg Quality and Fertility?

Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC, DABCI

  By Ramneek S. Bhogal DC, DABCI The emotional ramifications for any woman undergoing fertility complications... Read More

How Cortisol Levels Impact Weight Gain

Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC, DABCI

  By Ramneek S. Bhogal DC, DABCI Although we call cortisol “the stress hormone,” when examined closer, it’s... Read More

How to Get the Most out of Functional Medicine Trade Shows

Brandiann Cornell

  By Brandiann Cornell For those in the functional medicine realm, trade shows are invaluable sources of... Read More

Omega-3 Supplements For Kids: What to Look For

Dr. Matt Hand

  By Dr. Matt Hand Getting the recommended daily dose of omega-3 is hard enough for adults who dread... Read More

Why This Integrative Medicine Doctor Makes House Calls

Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, ND

  By Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, N.D, Meet Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, a naturopathic medicine physician with over 20... Read More

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