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Is TMG or DMG More Effective?

Dr. Roger Kendall

  By Roger Kendall, PhD TMG has three methyl groups, while DMG has two. So, more is better, right? Not... Read More
DMG and Athletic Performance

Possible Link Between DMG & Athletic Performance

Dr. Roger Kendall

  By Roger Kendall, PhD Do you wake up feeling fresh and ready to get your day started, or do you feel... Read More

Why Young Brains Need B Vitamins to Get A's in School

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

   By Dr. Adam Killpartrick Vitamins are essential to life. Not only do they contribute to good health by... Read More

Mind Diet: How DMG Supports Brain Health

Dr. Roger Kendall

  By Roger Kendall, PhD Dimethylglycine (DMG) has been slowly making its way into clinical practices and is... Read More

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