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Four Tips to Help Your Kids Focus

Dr. matt hand

Four Tips to Help Your Kids Focus When it comes to attention and focus, many kids need a total paradigm... Read More

Sulforaphane Benefits for Developing Minds*

Dr. matt hand

Turmeric has a reputation for being one of the most powerful immune boosters around—but due to its wide range... Read More

What Telomere Testing Is and Why It’s Important

Dr. charlie ware. ap, dom

You know about the nucleus, the mitochondria, and the cell membrane—but did you know that every cell in the... Read More

Benefits of Tumeric and Curcumin for the Brain

Dr. matt hand

Most people are familiar with the spice turmeric. It’s a mainstay in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian... Read More

How to Test Your Biological Age

Dr. charlie ware. ap, dom

Understanding the complexities of aging may be vital to increasing quality of life and optimizing the aging... Read More

What Are the Benefits of Colostrum Supplements?

Dr. charlie ware. ap, dom

Colostrum is gaining popularity in the nutritional supplement realm, and for a good reason. Packed full of... Read More

Does Stress Affect Brain Health?

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

Short-term stress is natural and necessary for human health. By definition, stress is any situation that... Read More

Intermittent Fasting for Brain Health

Dr. rob silverman

Intermittent fasting is one of the most exciting recent trends in health, especially brain health nutrition.... Read More

What is Chelated Magnesium?

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

Magnesium is a mineral used in hundreds of biochemical processes and is critical for the human body to... Read More
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