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Dyglofit and Fitness

How Dyglofit® Supports Weight Management*

Dr. ramneek bhogal

Dyglofit® is a fairly new extract that’s making waves in the fitness world.  Studies show participants taking... Read More

How to Detox for Weight Loss

Dr. ramneek bhogal

It’s that time of the year again.  People are stepping up their exercise routine, changing their diets, and... Read More
probiotics, functional medicine, supplements

What to Look for in a Quality Probiotic

Dr. ramneek bhogal

No two probiotics are the same—literally. Because probiotic strains and brands vary widely, functional... Read More
methylated vitamins, methylation, vitamins, b vitamins, methionine

Strengths and Limitations of Methylated Vitamins

Dr. ramneek bhogal

“Take your vitamins” is something we’ve been told since we were kids. And for good reason. Vitamins contain... Read More
msm, glucosamine, supplements

MSM vs. Glucosamine: What’s the Difference?

Dr. ramneek bhogal

Cold weather always makes me think about joint health since flare-ups are especially common during cold, damp... Read More
functional medicine, supplements, vitamins, health and wellness

Five Ways To Grow Your Functional Medicine Practice

Dr. ramneek bhogal

Running a successful functional medicine practice requires many different skill sets, and expert knowledge of... Read More
chelated magnesium, minerals, vitamins, supplements, health

What are the Benefits of Chelated Magnesium?

Dr. ramneek bhogal

  Magnesium plays a central role in many bodily functions that affect heart, bone, muscle health, and sleep.... Read More
testosterone, blood sugar, insulin, high blood pressure

The Link Between Testosterone and Blood Sugar/Insulin Sensitivity

Dr. ramneek bhogal

What do central obesity, high blood pressure, and low testosterone have in common? These are all... Read More
curcumin, heart health, cardiovascular health

Benefits of Curcumin for a Healthy Heart*

Dr. ramneek bhogal

Curcumin has long been celebrated for its free-radical fighting and healthy inflammatory response... Read More
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