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Why Kids Need More Than a Basic Multivitamin

Dom Orlandi, President of DaVinci

“All in one” has become a salvation for today’s busy society, but should that apply to our children’s... Read More

Clinical Research Supporting Using Supplements For Children

Dr. Matt Hand

  By Dr. Matt Hand The traditional food pyramid has long been outdated, but the way most Americans view their... Read More

How Probiotics Can Impact Children's Immune Systems*

Dr. Matt Hand

  By Dr. Matt Hand Unfortunately, recent studies have demonstrated an unprecedented increase in rates that... Read More

Nutritional Deficiencies in Kids with Autism

Dr. Armen Nikogosian

  Dr. Armen Nikogosian, MD Many autistic children struggle with chronic illness from a young age. Read More

Does DMG Have an Impact on Behavioral Challenges?

Dr. Roger Kendall

  By Dr. Roger Kendall There are so many factors that contribute to behavioral challenges, trying to mitigate... Read More

Strategies for Kids with Behavioral Challenges

Dr. Matt Hand

  By Dr. Matt Hand Today’s kids live differently. They eat more processed foods, engage in more activities... Read More

What to Look for in a Kid’s Multivitamin

Dr. Matt Hand

  By Dr. Matt Hand When parents inquire about the benefits of adding a multivitamin to their child’s daily... Read More

Supplements for Kids: What Parents and Practitioners Should Know

Dr. Matt Hand

   By Dr. Matt Hand There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to recommending supplements... Read More
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How to Help Kids with Back to School Anxiety

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Every parent knows that going back to school is difficult for children of all ages. It’s a transitional... Read More
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