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Hormone Balance With Nutraceuticals*

Posted by DaVinci Healthcare Expert on Mar 8, 2019 4:50:20 PM

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According to Dr. John Thomas, drinking a concoction of green and red vegetables and fruit juices for over 25 years is like putting gas in his car.

Fueling your car is a great start, but how do you make it run at peak performance?

Like vehicles, our bodies require many types of maintenance and multiple inputs to operate at peak performance. Your car needs balanced tires, high-quality oil, and the right levels of coolant. Your body needs proper hormone optimization, a healthy microbiome, and sufficient levels of vitamins and nutrients.

Dr. Thomas has seen over 4,000 patients throughout the past six years benefit in a myriad of ways from proper hormone optimization. He firmly believes that hormones and nutraceuticals are crucial assets for a long life well-lived. During the past four years, he’s started to focus on the quality of the nutraceuticals he recommends to his patients. He’s seen many of his patients’ health improved as a result of proper supplementation with the right nutraceutical products.*

When It Comes to Managing Hormone Levels, Not all Supplements Are Equal

Because Dr. Thomas' patients’ health seemed to come and go, he wondered if the quality of the supplements was better in some cases than in others. So, in an effort to control as many factors as possible in his patients’, Dr. Thomas decided to stop sending his patients to the local convenience store for supplements he thought would help. Omega-3, Primrose oil, probiotics, and Iodine are some of the supplements he recommends to patients suffering from various hormone balance issues.*

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Hormone balance is Essential for Health

There are many reasons a person’s hormones go out of balance. Stress, having children, and age are just a few of the common causes of hormone imbalances. For some people, balancing hormones could be the key to addressing the root cause of their problems.

Having Children Later in Life

Many people have children later in life than they did 20 years ago. According to Dr. Thomas, this is one factor that can contribute to a hormone imbalance. He indicates that when female testosterone is derailed, his patients experience symptoms such as weight gain and low mood.

High Levels of Stress

For those with high levels of stress in their day-to-day lives, a lack of sufficient levels of testosterone can cause an inability to shut down, leading to sleep challenges. When the human body doesn’t have enough testosterone, the adrenal glands make epinephrine. This causes weight gain, which leads to a multitude of health problems.

For men, stress often manifests as a lack of testosterone. This can cause irritability, weight gain around the waist, and the inability to shut down.

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How Hormones and Nutrients Interact

There are two factors that contribute to widespread hormone imbalance: our lives more stressful than ever before, and the foods we consume are less nutrient-rich than they used to be.

Sixty years ago, there were simply more nutrients in food. As our soil quality decreases, we don’t get the same amount of vitamins and trace minerals from our diets. One way to fight that is with high-quality nutraceuticals. As Americans, we struggle with deficiencies in our diet including selenium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, and a host of other trace minerals and nutrients.

DIM Makes Estrogen Testosterone Pathways More Efficient*

Diindolylmethane (DIM) increases the body’s ability to carry testosterone.* Men who take testosterone may convert 15-20% to estrogen. DIM helps prevent that from happening, which may help with unpleasant side effects from too much estrogen.*

For women, DIM can help the body balance progesterone and estrogen levels for optimal hormone function.* It helps a woman’s body metabolize estrogen and for those women who experience weight gain and mood swings, they may find that a good quality DIM supplement will help.*

Vitamins A, D, and K

These essential vitamins help move calcium to arteries, joints, tendons, and bones.* They improve blood flow, which helps with memory, mood stabilization, and sleep.*

Probiotics and Iodine

The body can process nutrients and hormones efficiently if it has the tools it requires, but without good bacteria in the gut, those nutrients and hormones can’t do their jobs.

A good quality probiotic will help the gut clear estrogen from the body.* This is important because a constipated gut will recycle estrogen.

Managing hormones for optimal health requires a working relationship with a healthcare practitioner who has a deep understanding of how nutraceuticals can contribute to the best possible result. It’s crucial to get blood levels checked and understand the current state of your overall health throughout the process of balancing your hormones.


It’s up to the patient to take care of themselves by eating well, exercising regularly, and consuming the nutraceuticals recommended by their doctor. Hormone balance is a powerful solution to many health problems, but it works most reliably in tandem with good lifestyle habits, proper nutrition, and high-quality supplements.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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