Dietary Supplements that Help the Immune System*

Dr. Amy Rothenberg

  Our immune systems are the most important barrier we have- it protects us against invaders that can do harm... Read More

Why This Integrative Medicine Doctor Makes House Calls

Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, ND

  By Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, N.D, Meet Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, a naturopathic medicine physician with over 20... Read More
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Best Supplements for Seasonal Immune Health*

Dr. Amy Rothenberg

  Dr. Amy Rothenberg New England School of Homeopathy  Many Americans –over 50 million– face the changing of... Read More

What Is Gut Permeability and How Do You Prevent It?

Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, ND

  By Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, N.D, “Gut permeability,” is one of the most talked about topics in the functional... Read More

Nutritional Deficiencies in Kids with Autism

Dr. Armen Nikogosian

  Dr. Armen Nikogosian, MD Many autistic children struggle with chronic illness from a young age. Read More

Does DMG Have an Impact on Behavioral Challenges?

Dr. Roger Kendall

  By Dr. Roger Kendall There are so many factors that contribute to behavioral challenges, trying to mitigate... Read More

Best Multivitamins For Men: Key Ingredients for health

Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, ND

  For a patient-centered naturopathic and functional medicine provider, it’s difficult to recommend one... Read More

Managing Homocysteine Levels Using Diet and Supplements*

Dr. AnnAlisa Behling, ND

  When homocysteine levels are out of balance, getting them back on track isn’t as simple as taking a... Read More

Hormone Balance With Nutraceuticals*


  According to Dr. John Thomas, drinking a concoction of green and red vegetables and fruit juices for over... Read More

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