Professional Education Webinar: Stress and Neuroinflamation:

Jul 26, 2019 11:53:43 AM

Written By:
Dr. Andrew Heyman, MD


The human body is an amazing web of interconnected systems, and just because a certain marker is high or low, it doesn’t necessarily tell us where the problem lies. This is a concept often missed in conventional medicine.

The brain exerts a direct influence over these affected bodily processes, and the stress response is a great example of that. In this webinar, Dr. Andrew Heyman reframes our understanding of the stress response, examining how psycho-emotional stress impacts physiological components in the body. He looks at:

• The impact of cortisol on the nervous and immune systems

• The relationship between low cortisol states and common illnesses

• How hypocortisol states indicate the severity of impairment in the stress response

• Treatment strategies and clinical aspects

Join us for this in-depth exploration of the forces at work between stress and neuroinflammation, and how to manage them in your patients.




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