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Is vitamin C an antioxidant?

Is Vitamin C an Antioxidant?

Dr. Ian Bier

Vitamin C is widely known for supporting immune health. Did you know it’s also an antioxidant? This article... Read More
What are antioxidants?

What are Antioxidants? Benefits, Considerations, and More

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

In recent years, antioxidants have been central to conversations about wellness. But what are they, exactly? Read More
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L-Theanine and Its Physiological Impact on the Brain

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

  Tea is consumed globally as a relaxing daily drink and as an aid for better health. People consume it in... Read More
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Understanding Mitochondrial Health and Aging

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

The mitochondrion—or mitochondria, in its plural form—is a specialized organelle found in most eukaryotic... Read More

What Is Methylation? Our Most Important Pathway Simplified

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Methylation plays a role in many processes within our body, and errors in methylation are linked to several... Read More

Tocotrienol Benefits and Their Impact on Free-Radicals

Dr. Don Zone

  By Dr. Don Zone, MD Cutting edge medical research has only recently discovered the unique benefits of a... Read More