Optimal Joint Health and the Reasons Behind Joint Discomfort

Dr. Alexandra Carson-Engle

  By Dr. Alexandra Carson-Engle Poor joint health is a common problem with causes that vary as wildly as its... Read More
msm, glucosamine, supplements

MSM vs. Glucosamine: What’s the Difference?

Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS

Cold weather always makes me think about joint health since flare-ups are especially common during cold, damp... Read More
perna canaliculus, green lipped mussel, gut health, joint health, gi tract

Research suggests that Perna canaliculus (Perna Green Lipped Mussel) May Support Gut Health As Well As Joint Health*


The gastro-supportive and potential influence on normal inflammatory response of Perna canaliculus was first... Read More
dmg, perna, mussels

How DMG and Perna Work Together


By Ashley Watson Many of our product descriptions on our website and sell sheets use the word, "synergistic,"... Read More
green lipped muscles, perna oil, joint support

Green-Lipped Mussels and Joint Support


By Ashley Watson Perna canaliculus (Perna) is the species name for an edible green-lipped mussel found off... Read More

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