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A Scientific Look at Balancing Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

In the world of health and wellness, we tend to look closely at the physical. How hard you exercise, what... Read More

7 Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

  The word metabolism is shrouded in confusion and mystery. Mainstream nutrition advice touts seemingly... Read More

What is DMG and its 7 Most Common Uses?

Dr. roger kendall

By Roger Kendall, PhD Dimethylglycine (DMG) is an amino acid with quite an exciting history. Its use in... Read More

How IGF-1 and HGH Work Together to Support Optimal Aging

Davinci healthcare expert

  The connection between IGF-1—also known as the insulin-like growth factor 1—and the human growth hormone... Read More

How DMG Supports Mitochondrial Function*

Dr. roger kendall

  By Dr. Roger Kendall   A large segment of the American population says the inability to perform at their... Read More
toddler-boy-pretending-to-fix-the-engine-on-a-car_t20_Ko4KG0 (1)

How Much Methylation Support Is Too Much

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

  By Ramneek S. Bhogal DC, DABCI Methylation is a fundamental, constantly occurring process happening in... Read More

How Does Inflammation Impact Heart Health?

Dr. roger kendall

  By Roger Kendall, PhD Smoking, weight gain, stress, and cholesterol are the usual suspects when it comes to... Read More
bhb, supplements, ketosis

How BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) Supplements Help with Ketosis

Dr. fred pescatore

  By Fred Pescatore, MD The keto diet is having a moment. Read More
metabolic health, metabolism, vitality

How to Create a Plan for Metabolic Health

Dr. armen nikogosian

   Dr. Armen Nikogosian, MD Only 12% of Americans have ideal metabolic health—an alarmingly low number.... Read More
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