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betaine hcl

The Impact of Betaine HCL

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

By Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC DABCI Read More

Methylation Matters

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

By Dr. Adam Killpartrick What is Methylation? We can think of the addition and subtraction of methyl groups... Read More
cortisol, weight loss, weight gain, health and wellness

The Weight Is Over: Supporting Healthy Cortisol Levels*

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

By Dr. Gary Kracoff, RPh, NMD One of the most prevalent ways that elevated cortisol presents is abdominal... Read More

What is DIM?

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

By Dr. Ronald Hoffman Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a versatile nutraceutical for which I find many uses in my... Read More
deficiencies that lead to neurocognitive disorders

How does stress affect weight and metabolism?

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

By Ramneek S. Bhogal, DC, DABCI Read More
metabolism, supplements, nutrients

Introducing Metabolic Multi

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Metabolism has recently become a very important topic. As our food sources and activity levels have changed... Read More
supplements, nutrients, behavior, kids, children

Can Your Supplements Support Behavior Balance*?

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

DMG is a precursor to many of the amino acids and neurotransmitters that aid in brain and nerve function.* It... Read More
mushrooms, health and wellness, diet

Are Mushrooms Beneficial To Your Health?

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

For centuries, Chinese, Egyptian and other cultures seriously interested in health (and the preservation of... Read More
nervous system, ease pain, home remedies

16 Ways to Help Your Nervous System

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

If you’ve ever had a compressed or pinched nerve, or dealt with any nerve pain at all, like a funny bone hit,... Read More
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