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vitamin b12, nutrient deficiency, health

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: How Does it Affect My Body?

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

  From food sources to absorption, from individual biology to recognizing symptoms, we’ve got a lot to talk... Read More
manage headaches

Managing Your Headaches

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

How do you break the severe headache cycle? Our first tip: Know your triggers. Stress, lack of sleep,... Read More
naturopathic, naturopath, physician

An Interview with Naturopathic Doctor Susan Jacobs

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

During Naturopathic Medicine Week, we were very fortunate to receive some time with a practicing Vermont... Read More
sleep, benefits, biphasic

Potential Benefits of Biphasic Sleep

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Ever have trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Waking up? Well, sure –all of us do sometimes. Monophasic... Read More
dmg, perna, mussels

How DMG and Perna Work Together

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

By Ashley Watson Many of our product descriptions on our website and sell sheets use the word, "synergistic,"... Read More
nutritional supplements, warnings, lead, pcb

Understanding Lead and PCB Warnings on Nutritional Supplements

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Unfortunately, due to a myriad of reasons, chemicals are found within the earth and oceans where many... Read More
supplements for women

The 3 Best Supplements for Women

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

DaVinci® Laboratories specializes in meeting individual health needs, so we offer supplements that are... Read More
milkshake, nutrition, metabolism, study

Milkshake Study Finds Correlation Between Nutrition Labels and Metabolism

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

This week, National Public Radio (NPR) aired a segment on a new study that used milkshakes to see if our... Read More
fish oil, krill oil, supplements

Krill Oil Vs. Fish Oil

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Are you considering adding an Omega-3 to your daily supplement regimen? Fish oil and krill oil are both... Read More
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