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choosing liquid vitamins

Choosing the Right Kind of Liquid Vitamin

Dr. ian bier

Liquid vitamins and supplements have become quite trendy lately, and there's a lot of science to explain why. Read More
butterbur benefits for kids cranial comfort

Butterbur Benefits for Children's Cranial Comfort*

Dr. matt hand

For centuries, butterbur has been used for its unique health benefits, and it has recently grown in... Read More
PL liquid vitamins

Private Labeling Liquid Vitamins

Aryel wilbur

Did you know that an increasing number of practitioners and supplement vendors are embracing the benefits of... Read More
going back to work

Going Back to Work: How to Boost Immunity for the Office

Davinci healthcare expert

If you’re one of the many people headed back to work in an office, it’s important to start this new chapter... Read More

​​Signs of a Strong Immune System: 7 Healthy Habits to Prepare for Fall

Davinci healthcare expert

As we approach fall this year, concerns about immune support are weighing heavier than usual on most of us. Read More
back to school immune boosters

Back to School Immune Boosters for Kids

Dr. stephanie o'neill

With many kids nationwide gearing up to head back to school in the fall, many parents are focused on immune... Read More
sleep and weight loss

Does sleep impact weight loss?

Davinci healthcare expert

If you’ve ever had a bad night’s sleep, you know how much it can impact the following day. It’s common to... Read More
summer safety for kids

Summer Safety for Kids: 8 Tips to Stay Healthy

Dr. matt hand

  Summer is finally upon us. With warmth and sunshine in abundance, you might be feeling the pull of several... Read More
5-MTHF and methylation

The Importance of 5-MTHF: Methylation and Your Body

Dr. charlie ware. ap, dom

Methylation is a hot topic lately, but it’s not necessarily an easy one to understand. Read More
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