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How to Form Healthy Eating Habits and Change Unhealthy Ones

Sarah Bangs

  The key to letting go of unhealthy habits lies in understanding the psychological triggers that keep us... Read More

What Supplements Should I Take and Why?

Sarah Bangs

  By Sarah Bangs, FoodScience Corporation With so many products on the market, figuring out which supplements... Read More

How DHA Supports Brain Health in Kids

Dr. Armen Nikogosian

  Dr. Armen Nikogosian, MD For most parents, the health of their children is of the utmost importance,... Read More

Is TMG or DMG More Effective?

Dr. Roger Kendall

  By Roger Kendall, PhD TMG has three methyl groups, while DMG has two. So, more is better, right? Not... Read More

Multivitamins and Your Health: Why Quality Matters

Dr. Deborah Wiancek

  Dr. Deborah Wiancek As a naturopathic doctor, I've found that the majority of my patients think they're... Read More

Childhood Brain Development and Autism

Dr. Armen Nikogosian

  Dr. Armen Nikogosian, MD Many areas of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are still widely misunderstood.... Read More
DMG and Athletic Performance

Possible Link Between DMG & Athletic Performance

Dr. Roger Kendall

  By Roger Kendall, PhD Do you wake up feeling fresh and ready to get your day started, or do you feel... Read More

Understanding Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Intolerance & Sensitivity

Dr. Ian Bier

  By Ian D. Bier, ND, PhD, LAc, FABNO With gluten-free diets in the limelight, celiac disease and gluten... Read More

SIBO Diet: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Dr. Ian Bier

  By Ian D. Bier, ND, PhD, LAc, FABNO SIBO or small intestine bacterial overgrowth is an ailment that’s often... Read More

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