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Fish allergies and omega-3 supplements

Fish Allergies and Omega-3 Supplements

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Awareness of the many benefits of fish oil is growing, particularly around their cognitive benefits and... Read More
healthy aging for men

Healthy Aging Tips for Men

Dr. Charlie Ware. AP, DOM

Why are men dying younger than women, and what can they do to enjoy longer, healthier lives? Read More
Men's vitamins for heart health

Best Men’s Vitamins for Heart Health

Dr. Ian Bier

For men, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. Even with a family history of heart... Read More
Benefits of foods with fatty acids

Benefits of Adding Foods with Fatty Acids to Your Diet

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Dietary fats are perhaps the most misunderstood macronutrient among the three (protein, carbohydrates, and... Read More
Are Omega-3s for Kids Safe?

Omega-3s for Kids, is it Safe?

Dr. Matt Hand

Our modern diet sets the stage for a fatty acid imbalance, and the same is true for kids. Today, most... Read More
Omega-3 vs. Fish Oil

Omega-3 vs. Fish Oil: Differences and What to Look For

Dr. Ian Bier

You’ve likely heard the buzz around the importance of omega-3 fats, but with so many choices out there,  it... Read More
Healthy aging

Healthy Aging for Older Adults

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Aging with grace and health is a top priority for most people. Maybe you want to address the seemingly... Read More
Kid's nutrition over the summer

How to Prioritize Kids’ Nutrition This Summer

Dr. Matt Hand

Prioritizing kids' nutrition can be challenging at any time of year. With so many quick, easy, and unhealthy... Read More
Gardening for mental health

How Gardening Helps Your Mental Health

DaVinci Healthcare Expert

Being in nature doesn’t just feel good—research shows that spending time in nature provides massive mental... Read More
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