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Supporting kids through puberty

How to Support your Kids Through Puberty

Dr. Stephanie O'Neill

Puberty is an uncomfortable and challenging part of life for adolescents. As a parent, you want to make sure... Read More
Functional Imagery Training for Weight Loss

Functional Imagery Training for Weight Loss

Dr. Armen Nikogosian

Successful weight loss is far more complex than simply eating right and exercising. For many people,... Read More
How to Spot High-Quality PL Supplements

How to Spot High-Quality Private Label Supplements

Aryel Wilbur

In the vast world of supplements, results make all the difference when it comes to customer loyalty. In other... Read More
Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

Does a Vegan Diet for Weight Loss Get Results?

Dr. Matt Hand

There may be no greater debate in modern nutritional history than whether or not a vegan diet is healthy. Read More
how to keep weight off

How to Keep Weight Off and Stay Healthy

Dr. Ian Bier

No magic pill or fad diet will lead to sustained weight loss. Like it or not, losing weight and keeping it... Read More
PL Supplements, More Than a Trend

Are Private Label Supplements More Than Just a Trend?

Aryel Wilbur

There’s no doubt that private label supplements have gained enormous popularity in recent years, and for good... Read More
DMG for energy support

How DMG Supplements Support Energy*

Dr. Charlie Ware. AP, DOM

Since its discovery in the 1960’s. the astounding health benefits of DMG continue to surface.* Over the past... Read More
Collagen For Energy Support

What is Collagen and How Does it Support Your Energy?

Dr. Charlie Ware. AP, DOM

Have you ever used a collagen supplement for shiny hair and radiant skin? While collagen can have noticeable... Read More
Qualifications for selling private label supplements

What Qualifications Do You Need to Sell Private Label Supplements?

Aryel Wilbur

If you’ve ever wondered whether you have the necessary qualifications to sell private label supplements, the... Read More
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