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Building Immunity from the Inside Out

Dr. rob silverman

When winter arrives, so do immune health challenges. A robust immune system can help you protect your body... Read More

How to Age Gracefully: 6 Supplements Doctors Trust

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

To most Americans, the word “aging” connotes weakness and general decline. It’s a natural process that’s... Read More

Does Vitamin B6 Help With Weight Management?

Dr. ian bier

You’ve likely heard that taking a B complex supplement is beneficial for your health. While there’s been a... Read More

FDA and Selling Supplements: What You Need to Know

Davinci healthcare expert

If you’ve purchased supplements and wondered about this label statement —These statements have not been... Read More

How to Start a Private Label Supplement Business in 7 Simple Steps

Aryel wilbur

  If done correctly, starting a private label supplement business can truly take your practice to the next... Read More

DIM Benefits for Men

Davinci healthcare expert

There’s a reason we’re told to eat our greens growing up. Cruciferous vegetables like spinach and broccoli... Read More

What Telomere Testing Is and Why It’s Important

Dr. charlie ware. ap, dom

You know about the nucleus, the mitochondria, and the cell membrane—but did you know that every cell in the... Read More

What Does Liposomal Mean?

Davinci healthcare expert

Most people understand that proper supplementation means choosing the right nutrient. But did you know that... Read More

Liposomal Vitamin D: Benefits and Uses

Davinci healthcare expert

Vitamin D is commonly known as the "sunshine vitamin" because sun exposure delivers its benefits through the... Read More
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