Perna Oil and the Role of EPA in Overall Health

Feb 18, 2020 3:38:53 PM

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Perna oil, found in green-lipped mussels, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has shown potential benefits in soothing aching joints, promoting optimal bone health, and supporting a healthy heart.* But what exactly is Perna oil, and how does it work?

It’s well-known that omega-3 fatty acids may help improve cardiovascular health, inflammation, bone health, and other health conditions.* Because of Perna oil’s high omega-3 fatty acid content, it can help provide relief so you can enjoy life comfortably.*

What Is Perna Oil and What Is It Used For?

Perna oil is obtained from the green-lipped mussel known as Perna canaliculus, an edible species of fish found off the coast of New Zealand and part of the indigenous Māori diet.1

Perna canaliculus is commonly differentiated from other mussel species by its unique bright green stripe circling the posterior ventral margin of the shell, as well as its characteristic green lip on the inside of the shell. These green-lipped mussels are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for a healthy inflammatory response.* Omega-3 fatty acids are extracted and used in dietary supplements in the form of tablets, powders, or capsules.

Because Perna oil is rich in these omega-3 fatty acids, particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), it’s frequently used in high-quality nutraceuticals. Perna oil is also a powerful source of amino acids, proteins, naturally-chelated minerals, and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), including chondroitin.

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Health Benefits of Perna Oil and EPA

For years, polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3s have been studied extensively in relation to heart, joint, and bone health. The beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA may be partially due to their immune-enhancing and healthy inflammatory response properties.* Although initially used to promote a healthy heart, there are many potential roles inflammatory mediators like omega-3 fatty acids may play in those with inflammatory concerns.*2

Perna oil and heart health

When your heart’s not working as it should, it can affect all aspects of your life. Activities you once found pleasant may become difficult, and tasks that used to be a breeze may now feel like a hailstorm.

The EPA found in Perna oil is thought to provide such healthy inflammatory response properties and may also play a role in oxidative stress.*3 This omega-3 fatty acid, along with the protein provided by Perna oil, can aid in the functioning of a healthy heart and help keep you going strong.*4


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Perna oil and joint health

Poor joint health can lead to several health problems, the primary cause being inflammation.

This inflammatory profile varies from person to person and may change by supplying your body with EPA and other fatty acids. These fatty acids can increase the production and activity of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and help to maintain optimal joint health and support a normal inflammatory response.*


Perna oil and bone health

By the time the average person is 17 years old, 90% of their bone growth is complete. Once we reach our 30s, our bone health starts to diminish, resulting in a natural, gradual decline of overall bone strength. Maintaining healthy dietary and lifestyle habits are critical for supporting optimal bone health as we age.

There are different functions by which omega-3 fatty acids support bone health, such as supporting calcium balance and helping to support a normal inflammatory response.* Additionally, EPA offers potential benefits that may be enhanced by the inclusion of foods high in calcium, vitamins, and minerals.


Perna oil contains exceptional-quality omega-3 fatty acids, like EPA, that may provide the health benefits your body needs to achieve a healthy inflammatory response.* By incorporating Perna oil into your diet, you can live a healthier, more comfortable life – today and every day.*

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