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Can Probiotics Help With Weight Management?

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

   Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS Supplementing the diet with probiotics to improve gut health is a trend that... Read More

Microbiome Testing & The Importance of Gut Microbes

Dr. barry taylor

Barry Taylor, ND www.drbarrytaylor.com A comprehensive stool analysis has been the standard test for large... Read More
gut-brain health, diet, balance, supplements

How Diet Affects Your Gut-Brain Health

Dr. fred pescatore

The gut is the body’s second brain that talks to our real brain, and they both rely on what we eat. Read More
probiotics, functional medicine, supplements

What to Look for in a Quality Probiotic

Dr. ramneek bhogal

No two probiotics are the same—literally. Because probiotic strains and brands vary widely, functional... Read More
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