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hormones, weight loss goals

How Hormones Impact Your Weight Loss Goals

Davinci healthcare expert

Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, some people find it difficult to maintain their desired weight. Read More

Can Probiotics Help With Weight Management?

Ramneek s. bhogal, dc, dabci

   Dr. Adam Killpartrick, DC CNS Supplementing the diet with probiotics to improve gut health is a trend that... Read More
keto diet, ketogenic diet, carbs, carbohydrates, atkins, paleo, hamptons, ketosis

Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

Dr. fred pescatore

The keto diet has appeared in written human history since the 1800s, and like other diets that have gained... Read More
gut-brain health, diet, balance, supplements

How Diet Affects Your Gut-Brain Health

Dr. fred pescatore

The gut is the body’s second brain that talks to our real brain, and they both rely on what we eat. Read More
Dyglofit and Fitness

How Dyglofit® Supports Weight Management*

Dr. ramneek bhogal

Dyglofit® is a fairly new extract that’s making waves in the fitness world.  Studies show participants taking... Read More
testosterone, blood sugar, insulin, high blood pressure

The Link Between Testosterone and Blood Sugar/Insulin Sensitivity

Dr. ramneek bhogal

What do central obesity, high blood pressure, and low testosterone have in common? These are all... Read More
glucose, diabetes, functional medicine, doctor

Why You May Need Help With Glucose Control (and Not Know It)

Dr. ramneek bhogal

Functional medicine practitioners know that issues related to glucose control are a sliding scale and often... Read More
ketone supplements, practitioners, weight loss

Should Practitioners Offer Ketone Supplements for Weight Loss?

Dr. ramneek bhogal

How many times a month do you hear this in the exam room?  “I try so hard to be careful with my diet, and I... Read More
cortisol, weight loss, weight gain, health and wellness

The Weight Is Over: Supporting Healthy Cortisol Levels*

Davinci healthcare expert

By Dr. Gary Kracoff, RPh, NMD One of the most prevalent ways that elevated cortisol presents is abdominal... Read More
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