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microbiome diet and weight loss

Microbiome Diet For Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Dr. ian bier

Recently, the term microbiome has appeared in a range of health and wellness contexts. The microbiome is a... Read More

Nutritional Tips and Best Supplements for Heart Health

Dr. ian bier

Nutritional Tips and Best Supplements for Heart Health* When it comes to heart health, there are a lot of... Read More

Biotin vs. Collagen: Which is Better?

Dr. ian bier

Instead of stockpiling your bathroom cabinet with creams and other topicals, it’s time to start thinking... Read More

Zinc L-Carnosine for Gut Health

Dr. ian bier

Widely recognized as crucial for immune system function and tissue health, zinc is a cofactor in over 300... Read More

How to Improve Gut Health in Your Kids

Dr. ian bier

For adults and kids alike, western society tends toward a treatment versus prevention approach to healthcare.... Read More

How to Set Your Health Goals for 2021

Dr. ian bier

  Setting goals is easy—but setting goals you’ll stick to and actually achieve is much more difficult than it... Read More

Do Post-Holiday Detoxes Work?

Dr. ian bier

If you’re entertaining the idea of trying a post-holiday detox, you’re not alone. The idea of rebooting after... Read More

Does Vitamin B6 Help With Weight Management?

Dr. ian bier

You’ve likely heard that taking a B complex supplement is beneficial for your health. While there’s been a... Read More

What is GI Detox?

Dr. ian bier

Detox is perhaps the most frequently misused word in integrative and holistic medicine. The misuse of the... Read More
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